DenaliWeld COBOT Welding

DenaliWeld collaborative robots (cobots) have entered the marketplace strongly, and they offer lightweight, flexible, and intelligent designs at an affordable investment. Best-in-class speed, safety, and ease of use will take your business to the next level. Staff can quickly teach collaborative robots specific welding applications and have them do the actual welding, while operators can focus on different activities. Allowing for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Basic advantages

  • Basic advantages Main Components Proud employee-owned company based and designed in Chicago.
  • Strategic partnership with ABB Compatible with both Denalweld air cooled and water cooled models.
  • Modular designed for uncomplicated maintenance and repair.
  • Cobot intelligent programs with simple interface All parameters pre-set, one click operation.
  • Welding data acquisition system which helps track operation and cost calculations.
  • One click switches to Cobot/Robot automation welding system** with DENALIWELD ROBOX™
  • **DENALIWELD welding machines are compatible with most cobot manufacturers.
  • Using an Automatic Welding Head (Gofa5/ 10/12) could provide realtime power changing during the whole welding procedure.
  • Seam Tracking system available for option.

Main Components

Cobot Series

ABB Strategic Cooperation

DENALIWELL and ABB conduct joint testing in the field of welding Cobots to ensure maximum performance and functionality to meet user needs, and offer a variety of ABB Cobot model choices

**DENALIWELD welding machines can compatible with most cobots in the market.

Manual Welding Easily Switches to Automated Welding

DenaliWeld collaborative robotic welding solutions utilize handheld welding torches. The laser welding machine is equipped with a manual/automatic switching button to quickly switch between handheld and automatic welding.

Simple and Easy to Use

Designed for easy and fast integration and setup, regardless of the robotic welding application

Technical Parameters

GoFa 5™

GoFa 10™

GoFa 12™

Robots Technical Parameter

Laser Safety

Welding station

  • We offer a wide range of laser protection solutions
  • Welding workstations provide complete protection of the welding area and are suitable for Class 4 laser work. Panels fitted with CE laser protection glass filter out 1060-1100 wavelength laser light.
    All-aluminum construction for easy handling and installation
  • Freely adjustable to the shape and size of the site.
  • Fitted with a safety door interlock for quick connection to the laser welding machine.

Laser protective helmet

  • In Dual-layer design, the outer variable light module can effectively block welding generated light, UV and other potential hazards, the inner layer of the laser protection glass filters the 1060-1100 wavelength fiber optic laser, which will ultimately protect the user.
  • Can be equipped with a DENALIWELD respirator, effective filtration of toxic dust and smoke.

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