Laser Safety Technology/Equipment

It’s not just the equipment, it’s the commitment to your safety.

Welding station

  • We offer a wide range of laser protection solutions
  • Welding workstations provide complete protection of the welding area and are suitable for Class 4 laser work. Panels fitted with CE laser protection glass filter out 1060-1100 wavelength laser light.
    All-aluminum construction for easy handling and installation
  • Freely adjustable to the shape and size of the site.
  • Fitted with a safety door interlock for quick connection to the laser welding machine.

Laser protective helmet

  • Dual-layer design, the outer variable light module can effectively block welding generated light, UV and other potential hazards, the inner layer of the laser protection glass filters the 1060-1100 wavelength fiber optic laser, which will ultimately protect the user.
  • Can be equipped with DENALIWELD respirator, effective filtration of toxic dust and smoke.

Emergency stop at will

  • The emergency stop button is positioned on the laser head which allows the users to shut down the machine immediately thereby reducing any potential harmful occurrences.

Cleaning mode induction protection

Invention Patent design

The cleaning mode can sense the surface position of the target object. When the cleaning direction is unintentionally changed or the laser head is lifted, the laser stops immediately. To prevent injury to surrounding personnel or equipment during the cleaning process

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