How to Extend the Life of the Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding is a precision process that utilizes a high-energy laser beam to fuse metal workpieces, and compared with traditional welding technology, laser welding has unparalleled advantages in many aspects. Now the laser welding machine has been in many areas of mature application, in improving enterprise production efficiency at the same time, also faces the test of service life.
In use, we absolutely can not ignore the maintenance of the machine, the correct use of methods and comprehensive maintenance work can make the service life of the laser welding machine longer, this article will analyze the working principle, machine composition, factors affecting the service life of the machine, etc., for the use of the machine to provide effective protection.

Laser Welding Principle

Laser welding is a welding method that utilizes a high-energy laser beam produced by a laser to irradiate the workpieces to be welded and fuse them together to form a strong weld. Understanding how a laser welding machine works allows us to better analyze the factors that affect the life of a laser weld so that we can optimize them.

Laser Emission:Laser welding machines use laser generators (including gas lasers, solid-state lasers, and semiconductor lasers) to produce high energy density laser beams. In the laser, laser diode or other light source generated by the light energy is transmitted to the fiber core, the fiber core contains ytterbium, holmium, thulium and other active elements, these elements are transmitted into the light energy is excited, the excited state of the active elements will instantly release a photon and trigger the unexcited active elements are also excited and release photons, through this process of continuous excitation, the photon will be gradually increased, and the formation of a Laser beam.
Laser Focusing:The laser beam passes through optical elements such as lenses or mirrors to focus its shape and curvature on a point, increasing the density of the laser energy to achieve the purpose of fusing the material. The size and shape of the focal point can be controlled to suit specific needs by adjusting the internal optics through the control screen of the laser welding machine.
Melting the material:The focused laser beam applies high energy to the material at the focal point, which rapidly heats up and melts the material, creating a molten pool.
Forming the weld:The material in the molten pool cools and solidifies rapidly after the laser beam is removed. Controlling the movement of the welding torch during the welding process, the molten pool follows the movement on the welded joint, eventually forming a complete weld.

Laser Welding Machine Components

Understanding the components of a laser welding machine can help users improve the overall management of their equipment, increase proficiency in its use, and make maintenance easier.

Laser:The laser is the core component of the laser welding machine, the main function is to produce high-energy laser beams to provide the thermal energy needed for welding.
Optical system:Optical system includes focusing mirror, reflector, etc. It is responsible for focusing, guiding and adjusting the laser beam to ensure welding accuracy.
Welding Gun:The welding torch is the outlet of the laser beam, generally held by a person for welding operations, can also be fixed in the automated equipment for automatic welding.
Power supply and electrical system:The power supply and electric control part provide stable power support, which can ensure the stable operation of the welding machine; the operating system can adjust the welding parameters to meet different welding needs.
Cooling system:The cooling system is generally divided into air-cooled and water-cooled, used to cool the laser and other heat-sensitive components, to prevent overheating damage to these parts, resulting in machine failure.
Safety System:The safety system can avoid to the greatest extent possible some unforeseen dangers when the user does not operate in accordance with the norms of use.

Factors affecting the life of laser welding machine

The life of the laser welding machine is affected by a variety of factors, mainly including the working environment, the stability of the optical components, the durability of the electronic components, the effectiveness of the cooling system, the frequency of use, maintenance and repair, and so on, the following detailed analysis.

Working environment:laser welding machine in the high temperature, humidity, dusty environment, will increase the friction of mechanical components, accelerate the wear and tear of these components. Excessive dust will affect the welding effect, but also affect the heat dissipation performance of the machine, increasing the risk of failure.
Stability of optical components: Optical components such as lenses and mirrors, their stability has an important impact on the welding effect and machine life.

Durability of electronic components:When the laser welding machine is working, the electronic components in the laser and control system are usually irradiated by high-energy laser light, which generates a lot of heat. This heat may lead to an increase in the temperature of the electronic components or the effects of electromagnetic radiation, affecting their performance and stability. Prolonged operation and high-temperature environments may lead to aging and damage of electronic components. The aging of electronic components may be manifested in reduced performance, increased resistance, reduced capacitance, etc., ultimately leading to a decline in the performance of the laser welding machine or even unusable.
Effectiveness of the cooling system:In order to prevent the equipment from overheating and malfunctioning, laser welding machines are usually equipped with a cooling system to help dissipate the heat from the machine. By circulating the cooling medium, take away the heat generated by the machine work, to ensure that the laser and optical components in the appropriate operating range, the cooling system does not operate properly may lead to poor heat dissipation and thus failure of the machine.
Frequency of use:Laser welding machines are in working condition for a long time, which may lead to aging and fatigue of the key components inside the machine, and eventually failure.

How to extend the service life of laser welding machine

In order to ensure the stable operation of the laser welding machine and extend the service life of the laser welding machine, we can take a series of maintenance measures and operating methods.

Correct use:when using the laser welding machine, follow the laser welding machine manufacturer’s instructions and operating manual for operation, correctly set and adjust the parameters of the laser welding machine;

Appropriate working environment:try to ensure that the temperature and humidity of the working environment of the laser welding machine are within the appropriate range, avoid using the laser welding machine in an environment with excessive dust and particles to prevent impurities from entering;
Reasonable running time:Reasonable planning of the use of time, avoid too long continuous use of laser welding machine, especially in the case of high-power work;
Cooling system management:when using the laser welding machine to ensure that the cooling system in normal operation, water-cooled system to maintain sufficient coolant and clean;
Maintenance and upkeep:pay attention to regular cleaning of optical components such as focusing mirror and reflector to maintain their cleanliness and transparency; regular inspection of the various components of the machine, such as electronic components, optical components, mechanical structure, etc., and find that the wear and tear or aging components should be replaced or repaired in a timely manner.

Through these maintenance and management measures, the life of the laser welding machine can be effectively extended to ensure good welding performance, improve work efficiency and meet modern manufacturing needs.


The improvement of laser welding machine life helps to maintain the stability and efficiency of industrial production. It not only enables enterprises to reduce production costs and improve product quality, but also helps to adapt to new technologies, enhance production capacity and promote the sustainable development of the entire manufacturing industry. If you are looking for reliable welding solutions, please leave your contact information to DENALI and we will help you solve your problems.


Frequently asked questions.

Q   What is the warranty for DenaliWeld machines?
A   We will provide a 2-year warranty on the entire DenaliWeld machine, during which the customer will receive full and prompt service. In case of non-human damage, DenaliWeld will send spare parts free of charge to replace any damaged part on the machine.

Q   What is the warranty for DenaliWeld machines?
A   We will provide a 2-year warranty on the entire DenaliWeld machine, during which the customer will receive full and prompt service. In case of non-human damage, DenaliWeld will send spare parts free of charge to replace any damaged part on the machine.

Q   How can I become one of the DenaliWeld agents in my country?
A   DenaliWeld is willing to cooperate with all potential teams with ambitious goals for this work. We will provide full support and help to expand the market. If you are interested, you can send an email to [email protected], or submit the form, and we will make further progress. information discussion.

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A   DenaliWeld can provide overseas service including installation, commissioning, training and maintenance to customers all over the world.

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A   If you would like to contact your local DenaliWeld agent, you can send an email to [email protected], or submit a form and we will ask them to contact you directly. You can also check whether there is a local dealer through our dealer locator. We usually indicate the dealer’s contact information.

Q   What is the shipping method for DenaliWeld machines?
A   If a customer orders a small machine with wooden packaging, we will deliver the machine in a consolidated container, or if the customer orders two or more machines together, we will ship them in a container and send it to the port, which will help the customer save even more money.
Q   What about the quality of DenaliWeld machines?
A   We have a world-class R&D team to support the quality of our machines, and our products are CE and SGS certified, proving the advantages of DenaliWeld machines.

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